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Three Things to Consider Before Planning Your New Retail Store Design

Listen, we know the retail industry in Washington D.C has never had it tougher. It seems like profit margins are shrinking at the same time that rents are rising, and that’s to say nothing of hiring good employees!

Studies have shown that new retail store construction by qualified remodeling contractors can go a long way into revitalizing the look and feel of your Washington D.C location. Commercial Interior Contracting, Inc has come up with this list of three principles to keep in mind when you’re thinking about new retail store construction or other commercial construction projects.

1. Think Outside the Big Box for Retail Store Design

It seems like for years, retail stores in Washington D.C tried to keep up with the big-box stores by mimicking their layouts. If customers liked a small selection of products, they’d like a larger selection of products even better, right?

The problem is that the average retail store isn’t capable of beating the big-box stores at their own game. They have access to economies of scale that dwarf most individual locations’ purchasing power.

So what is it that independents and small retail businesses can offer? An experience. You want to make your customers feel like they’re walking into a brand, not just a commercial building. Focus on what makes your business special, and customers will respond in kind.

2. Use Commercial Construction Projects as an Opportunity to Reframe Your Business

The retail industry is a demanding one. And as a passionate small business owner, we bet you’re at your location most days overseeing operations.

If you’re finding your sales are in a slump, pairing with a talented retail remodeling company gives you a little space for rest and relaxation. It can give you a few days to pause and meet with your employees or business partners and discuss your values and your mission. Without all the hustle and bustle of day-to-day sales, you might find room to evaluate some new goals for your store.

3. Less Is More When it Comes to Your Commercial Building

If you visit any of the retail mecca cities across the world, you’ll find a clear trend: minimalism. For decades, retail stores tried to pack as many things into their four walls as possible. But the rise of the Internet changed everything. A single location can’t really compete with a website that can stock pretty much everything.

Hire remodeling contractors to help you embody the current minimalist trend. No matter what subsection of retail, we see the same looks finding success: pared-down color palettes, single racks for clothing, and a focus on luxury goods rather than fast fashion or cheap wares.

If you’re looking to take your business into the new year and beyond, we at Commercial Interior Contracting, Inc hope you’ve found our list of pointers helpful. We’ve been one of the top retail remodeling companies in Washington D.C for years, and we’d love to sit down with you and help make your visions a reality.