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Office Build Outs in Fairfax: An Untapped Market?

If there’s one trend we’ve noticed in our work as a commercial construction company, it’s that office build out projects seem to be an underserved corner of the market in Fairfax. Don’t believe us? Go ahead and take a minute or two to look at some local commercial real estate websites.

Unfinished industrial space seems to be in high supply. And with the economy churning away like it has been, we’d recommend office fit outs as your next commercial construction project. All sorts of industries in Fairfax need quality office space. And while the office fit out costs per square foot are higher than many other commercial construction projects you might undertake, the potential for long-term rental profits is staggering.

Repurposed Industrial Space: The Workplaces of the Future?

It seems nowadays that more and more businesses are ditching the traditional cubicle-farm model of office space in favor of open workspaces. The potential for collaboration they bring is immense. If you’re looking to attract top-quality tenants with the help of qualified remodeling companies, consider repurposing industrial-style lofts or old factories into open-office plans.

By providing fully renovated turnkey projects for local businesses to rent, you can catch tenants at vulnerable moments when they’re looking to upsize their company. Commercial real estate can be an incredibly lucrative opportunity in Fairfax if you have the talent and dedication and admirable credit history.

What’s the Average Office Fit Out Costs per Square Foot?

As one of Fairfax’s best remodeling companies, without knowing the specifics of your dream vision, it’s hard for us to offer an estimate. In general, office build out costs vary from as low as $40 per square foot for mild renovations to $150 per square foot for super luxury fully repurposed office spaces.

Obviously, this isn’t a layman’s game. A little risk is required if you want to make it. But by partnering with a financial company and a talented commercial construction company, you are best poised to capitalize on our booming economy.

And considering the average office rental price in the area for 2018 is from $1.50 to $2.50 per square foot per month, the potential for commercial rents of $1,000 to $10,000 monthly is possible.

Sure, it’s not a small investment. But commercial tenants tend to be reliable and to stick around. And you’re investing in the local economy while creating a financial legacy for you and your family to boot.

For whatever your commercial construction needs are, there’s only one name in town: Commercial Interior Contracting, Inc. We’re the experts in all manner of large- and small-scale industrial and commercial construction projects. Whether you’re looking for turnkey office fit outs or to open a new restaurant, give us a call. We’re happy to sit down and discuss your vision and how it can be made manifest for less than you think. The business of bringing your dreams to reality isn’t just our livelihood, it’s so much more than that.