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The Hottest Fairfax Trends in Restaurant Construction for 2018

One of the benefits of living in Fairfax is our ever-evolving culinary landscape. From fusion to fresh, there’s a wide variety of flavors to get your tastebuds in a mood.

But even with as many options as we have, it always seems like there’s something missing. And that something is you and your business. Whether you’re a longstanding restaurateur with multiple locations and thirty years in the culinary industry, or an upstart young chef looking to move from pop-ups and local markets to your flagship location, Commercial Interior Contracting, Inc is the number-one name in restaurant contractors in Fairfax.

With our years of providing new restaurant construction and kitchen renovation, we’ve seen trends come and go. But there’s no denying that humans are visual creatures, and a consultation with a restaurant design company can make your eatery look as good as it tastes.

We’ve got a restaurant plan for every type of cuisine. Take a look at some of these top trends for 2018 and give us a call!

1. Exposed Kitchens and Open Restaurant Plans

Customers are more interested in the culinary process than ever before. We’ve all got Chef’s Table and Master Chef Kids lined up on our Netflix queues, and for good reason—the marriage of good food and hard work is a fascinating one.

By showcasing where the magic happens, you can treat your customers to dinner and a show all at once. And that’s worth a repeat visit.

2. Chrome, Copper, and Burnished Metals

It seems like retro stylings are always popular in the current decade, and now it’s the 1970s that are getting throwback references by restaurant design companies. What screams 70s more than anything? Burnished chrome paneling combined with warm woods. If your concept involves comfort food or a family-friendly location, why not harken back to your customer’s childhoods? A talented restaurant remodeling contractor can make this fantasy a reality.

3. Gender-Neutral Washrooms

Fairfax is a welcoming place. That’s why we’ve seen more and more restaurant owners choosing to have single-occupancy gender neutral washrooms. If you’re planning a massive location with over 60 tables, this may be a less feasible option for your restaurant construction, but for small cozy spots, they’re perfect—and bring the benefit of added privacy for your guests. Let Commercial Interior Contracting, Inc help take your restaurant into the 21st century!

4. Green Ceilings (and Floors, and Walls)

We’re a restaurant design company that can’t help but notice that more and more, food-service establishments are adding the natural beauty of plants. Adding a wire frame on your ceiling is a great way to add plants with dramatic trailing vines, recreating the canopy of a forest for your guests.

Good Food and Fun Is Always in Style

For whatever your design and kitchen renovation needs are, be sure to contact the best in restaurant remodeling contractors: Commercial Interior Contracting, Inc. We’ve been proud to serve Fairfax small business owners for years. Our business is in making commercial construction dreams a reality. It’s not only our livelihood—it’s our passion too!

Plus, unlike other restaurant contractors, we provide quotes with no further obligations, letting you be sure our work is right for you. Don’t hesitate and call us today!